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European Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Network (EARS-Net)


EARS-Net monitors the evolution of (combined) antimicrobial resistance at a European level. This is done on the basis of results communicated annually by the clinical laboratories to Sciensano. In order to obtain comparable results, data collection is restricted to isolates from blood and cerebrospinal fluid (EU countries) and urine (BE only) of frequently occuring bacterial pathogens.


The objective of the monitoring system is to follow up antimicrobial resistance and to provide an objective tool to evaluate and adjust antibiotic policy where necessary.


Sciensano supports the annual data collection, and the integration and feedback at a national level. Data are subsequently forwarded to Europe (ECDC).

The clinical laboratories extract data from their information system and send a standardized datafile to Sciensano once a year.

Please refer to the document "EARS-BE 2018 Protocol" (December 2018) for a detailed description of this surveillance, including instructions for creating and sending EARS-BE 2018 data (inclusion criteria and data definitions), and the analysis and reporting method. Collection of EARS-BE 2018 data will be closed on April 30th, 2019.

More information

Please contact the coordinators of the EARS-BE surveillance (see the contact page ).


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